The Parents Daily Download 4.20.15

Welcome to the parents daily download April 20th 2015. Today we'll be looking at articles that explore signs that you're killing is as a parent to organizing small spaces for your kiddo's room. We love when you share your feedback and thoughts in the comments below. 

Parenting: 10 Signs you're doing it right 

This is a great article from the baby center that is an encouragement to all the parents out there. Tip number 1 is our favorite: You're spending more time with your children than on Facebook or social media. What's your favorite? Are you doing it right? Hooray! 

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10 Tips to Help Your Elementary Schooler Study for a Test

Have elementary age children? This article is perfect for you! We recommend reading the tips, then reading it with your elementary age child/ren and discussing it with them; asking which tip they like the most. Then build off that tip, you just identified one way your child like to learn! Good Job! 

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11 Tips on How To Photograph Your Kids

As a photography company, we of course love anything with photography and making parents better everyday photographers; however, this article really does justice. Explore 11 key tips that you can do right now that'll help you take some stunning photos of your children. Tell us which tip you like the most!

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Organizing a Small Space for Crafts or Kids Toys

Do you have a small space in your house? This article is for you if you're looking for a better solution for their crafts or kids toys; oddly enough, we've taken a tip or two for our office! The peg board is perfection! 

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