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Today In Photography | April 20th 2015 | Think Darryl Photography

Here are our favorite stores from April 20th 2015 selected by our staff. At Think Darryl Photography we believe we should be experts on current trends and photography news. Are there any stories or articles you uncovered? Share them in the comments! 

Daniel Berehulak, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Win Photography Pulitzer Prizes

Congratulations to Daniel Berehulak on winning the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography. This Time article explores some of Daniel's pieces covering Ebola and Ferguson. 

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A Light-Powered Camera That Could Shoot Forever

An interesting article on a new self powered camera that generates power by converting light into energy; and we all know that light is critical for photography. However, we'd imagine this would make more sense for video applications. 

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How I Make Money as a Travel Photographer in 2015

A terrific article from a Canadian journalist that explores how the world of travel photography has evolved. He gives 9 great examples of how he makes money as a travel photographer and how you can use these examples to evolve as well. 

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The Polaroid Travel Photography of Julie Anne Cassidy

This is a staff favorite from today, this article explores the uniqueness of Julie Ann Cassidy's travel photography exclusively on Polaroid. This interview style read is worth spending a few moments on her unique perspective. 

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10 Editing Techniques That Changed My Photography

This is a great article on exploring how you're looking at your post editing, however, this article is not for the beginner; you'll leave with more questions and a little bit of confusion. For the beginner, save this article, though, and revisit it when you're more comfortable with Photoshop. Overall, these 10 techniques are spot on and will help elevate your editing workflow. 

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