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Scheduling a photography session with us could not be easier, you can schedule your session right now using our online scheduler, or you can call us, or reach us by email. No matter the method we cannot wait to speak with you, we know you have many options when selecting a photographer in Denver and beyond; we strive every day to create the best experience possible. So thank you for putting your trust in us, we're going to have fun together.


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We’re storytellers and creators, idealistic and risk-takers. We embrace differences, celebrate individuality, and are people-driven. A day doesn't go by where we don't learn or try something new; we're absent of ego a love to love. We're owners and doers, friends and family; and we''re looking for like-minded people to join our team, to create the new standard in modern photography.


Learn, grow and develop the skills it takes to make tell great stories, and do great work; not running errands or making coffee. Ready?


Great work rarely happens without amazing people who love what they do and have fun while doing it. Up for a new challenge?


We're excited to speak with you, think we could make something awesome for you or together? We're all ears. If you have availability related questions, you can find a complete and updated calendar when you book a session online. We're always here to answer your questions, however, by the time we're on the phone, we'd hate someone to book a session for the date and time you had in mind.


Lucas Fletcher lucas.fletcher@thinkdarrylphotography.com



What's Your Style
We employ a variety of photographers, this allows us to have a very diverse range of styles to deliver for our clients. However, as an overall company philosophy we believe in authenticity above all else; usually described as candid, and lifestyle over traditional; however, we always make sure to play it safe and give you a few traditional shots with every sitting.

Do low prices mean low quality
This is our number one question is how we're able to offer such affordable prices, does this mean that the photographers are inexperienced. The easiest was to explain our prices is to compare our services to Costco. Costco is able to provide you low prices because of bulk and volume; we're the same way our company has an average of hundreds of sessions compared to the average photographer who only has 7 - 12 sessions per month. Keeping our volume high, allows us to provide amazing quality, lower cost of printing, and full rights to your photos in every session.

Do You Have A Studio
We do have a studio, however, our preference is to shoot on location; at your location of choice.

What Equipment Do You Use
We shoot with Canon equipment. On a typical shoot we'll bring 2 bodies Canon 1dx & 5ds; and multiple lenses for the shoot. We usually also bring studio grade lighting equipment, and reflectors/diffusers.

Are You Insured
Yes, we are insured by The Hartford for our business and liability insurance.

Discounts and Coupons
We'll occasionally run a deal on Groupon, as well as first session free promotions. Promotions run for a limited time and are for first sessions only. We also have loyalty discounts for current clients.

Do You Shoot Weddings
Yes, please inquire to see our wedding portfolio.

What's A Mood Board
You just received an email asking to create a simple mood board; the reason we do this to get to know you better, and what your overall-style characteristics are. This allows us to ensure we give you personalized results for your session; don't worry, we always leave room for creativity. Are you stuck with creating a mood board? We'd love to help you, give us a call any time!