5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Denver Photographer


Choosing The Perfect Photographer In Denver

Finding the perfect photographer in Denver can be a challenge; there are so many talented people, and you just don't know where to start. These 5 tips are the perfect guide to finding the best Denver photographer for you! 

One: List of Desires

Always start here, this is by far the most important tip and is key to hiring a photographer in Denver. You need to know what you want from not only your photographer but your session.

  • A good question to ask yourself is why am I hiring a photographer in the first place; what am I hoping they will accomplish.
  • Write down your must have items
  • What's your dream image, the one that you'll post on your mantel. This one is difficult because often times you may not know what that even looks like until the photographer captures the moment, that is why you're hiring one. However, if you have an idea communicating that to your photographer can go a long way.  

Two: What's your budget

It's hard to prioritize tip one and two. The conflicting questions are: how can I know my budget if I don't know my desires, and my budget doesn't support my list of desires. Where ever you want to start or end up having a defined budget before you even start your search for a denver photographer will go a long way, and will lessen the disappointment in the future. 

Three: Recommendations First. Google Second

Ask on Facebook, text your friends and family, etc... However, don't start your search until you've at least asked for a recommendation. Your friends, ironically enough, as your friends tend to know you pretty darn well. Chances are they my know someone that fits your personality, or worked for them (be careful there, because what worked for Jack may not work for Jill).

Then, and only then should you start your search on Google.  

Four: Read Their About Section

There are a lot of very talented photographers in denver, that's a good thing because not all photographers have the same style so this diversity is a benefit for you. It allows you to find the best photographer for your vision. 

So outside of looking at their portfolios, how do I know if I'll connect with the photographer. Read their about me, I guarantee they spent a lot more time writing it that you may think. They wrote it, had their wives or husbands read it; rewrote it twice, then there sister read it and had feedback and they wrote it again. I can guarantee if you just take time to read, not scan, but read the about me section you'll know fairly quickly if that person is right for you or not.

However, if they match your style then go for it; it's just an hour to a few hours right? 

Five: Pick Up The  Phone

This may seem very obvious to some, but it's very often overlooked. You can fall in love with a photographer style, their pictures look amazing online, and you loved the creativity and personality in their about me section.

However, until you pick up the phone you won't truly know if they're right for you. I believe you can instantly validate if a photographer is right or not in the first minute they are talking to you.

How do they answer the phone: 

Are the excited, or does it sound like you just interrupted something. A good photographer will not answer in the middle of a shoot or while doing something equally important; so don't worry if they don't answer. However, if they don't call back in 24 business hours that should be a red flag. 

Do they do the talking or let you do the talking: 

This is key, if a photographer is really effective and serious about their trade the first minutes will be spent trying to get to know you. So if they are spending the first interactions trying to sell you that should be an indicator to keep looking. 

You can read more about questions your photographer should be asking you here. 

Best luck in your search! 

We'd love to be considered in your search for a photographer in Denver, so give us a call; we can't wait to meet you!

-Think Darryl Photography