3 Question You Must Ask A Newborn Photographer

You worked very hard making a beautiful baby girl or boy and the next steps are to capture some moments that you can cherish for ever; and of course use for the birth announcement. You're tired, and exhausted and the last thing you want to do is spend hours looking for a photographer. We've prepared these 3 simple tips to follow when hiring a newborn photographer. As always, we recommend picking up the phone, a 5 minute conversation can solve a lot of headache early on. 

One: Experience 

Start with the most important question is experience. You're spending good money to have someone take pictures of your baby; the last thing you want is a headache when someone incapable shows up at your door.

The key here is to simply ask how many newborn shoots they have done. It's important to have them specify how many newborn shoots they have done, and not just shoots.

Two: Style 

Every photographer has style, which I am sure you've uncovered in your research. The best way to find a style you like is to do a google search for newborn photography, and look at the images. Save the ones you like the most and try to find a photographer that has a similar look and feel. 

Two: Insurance

This is the easiest way to weed out an amateur from a professional. Any photographer that takes his trade seriously should have a form of business/liability insurance. Just asking this question may make a lot of photographers fumble, however, it's important for you, you need to feel safe.  

Bonus Tip: Search and Hire Before The Birth

I have a lot of clients that have mentioned that they didn't even start searching until they got home from the hospital. The problem there is finding the time to research, call, find a style you like, etc... all while being a mom to a newborn. Start your search a few months into your pregnancy; this when we also recommend looking for a maternity photographer. You can kill two birds with one stone, if you like your maternity photographer; chances are they also do newborn. If their style and experience work for you, and you were happy with your results use them as your newborn photographer as well. 

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We hope these tips are helpful, congratulation on your pregnancy and newborn! We can't wait to meet you little ball of joy! 

-Think Darryl Photography