Denver Street Photography No. 6


Welcome to Denver street photography; a series from Think Darryl Photography. People have always inspired me; every morning I start my day off by exploring Denver often listening to some great jazz or plugged into the sounds of the city. Some people need coffee to start their day, I'd rather tap into the unlimited amount of energy from my surroundings.

Today I had an early morning shoot so I had to do my street photography series in the evening. Since it was dinner time it was difficult finding parking, I finally broke down and parked in a parking garage across the street from Union Station. I am so drawn to Union Station, and end up there a few times a week. It's such a beautiful structure, and the people are just amazing. 

Today there was some type of beer and wine tasting, which brought out some pretty cool people. I usually turn off my music when I go into Union Station because I want to be connected to the conversations and the liveliness of the environment. I was drawn to this couple that were enjoying some free beer and casual conversation. I walked by and it was clear they were on a first or second date, throwing questions back and forth like their lives depended on it. I did a few more laps and their conversation seemed to be more comfortable and fluid. Their body language changed also they were so much more relaxed, I'll never know what changed the course of their conversation but I really enjoyed the progression. I sat on a bench behind them and took a few shots. 

As I was sitting there focused on the two of them, I realized that they weren't the subjects of my shot. It was Union Station, it was this fun environment that allowed them to get to know each other and have a fun conversation. Union Station is such a magical place, the energy is so amazing; I am absolutely in love with the changes.