Denver Street Photography No. 5


Welcome to Denver street photography; a series from Think Darryl Photography. People have always inspired me; every morning I start my day off by exploring Denver often listening to some great jazz or plugged into the sounds of the city. Some people need coffee to start their day, I'd rather tap into the unlimited amount of energy from my surroundings. 

Today was such a fantastic day, so many great shots just happened unfold for me to capture. I ran into this couple about 4 times throughout the two hours I was downtown. It was very strange that I kept running into them and we were going in different directions. When I arrived at Union Station I began shooting all the interesting people there and enjoying listening to the laughter and good conversations when I saw this couple walk into the station. I could not believe myself, how is this even possible. I walked toward them, hoping to catch some more shots of them. If you are a follower on Instagram you'll see another picture of this couple hugging on the corner waiting to cross. They clearly were exploring Downtown Denver and enjoying eachothers company.

They sat down and began looking at a map, looking for their next place to explore. The man said something that made the girl laugh, and this continued for quite sometime. It was as it they were the only ones in the room, it was such a beautiful moment between two people. I figured I'd get a few more shots of their love and them move on before I was discovered. 

Love and enjoy each other; it's beautiful.