Simple Guide To Understanding Wedding Photography Styles

So, you're preparing for your big day and going through the very well thought-out checklist. You arrive at hire a wedding photographer; great I'll do a Google search and voila, I'll find someone that has a good portfolio, some images you like and call and book them. We believe there should be another item on your todo list.

Sorry, sorry, I know there's already pages, and pages; but this one will save you disappointment in the future. Decide which photography style you want for your wedding, don't worry your not limited to just one, however, having an understanding will better prepare you to pick the perfect wedding photographer. 

One: Classic

Most people refer to this style as traditional, however, I like to call it the classic look. The feel and style of this style focuses on creating timeless pictures that'll end up in a very beautiful album. The wedding photographer will usually come prepared with a shot list, however, you'll make sure you want to review and add any key shots to the list. This style is what I like to call the picture perfect wedding, often the photographer will make sure each shot is absolutely perfect, from how the dress falls to a small distraction in the background. 

Two: Photojournalistic 

This style is my favorite, I love photos that tell a story. That you can sit around years later and go through the story of your wedding with your kids. There has to be a balanced mix, you still need the traditional shots, however, this editorial style of capturing your day will leave you impressed. With this style you may forget your photographer was even there; they are and they are working hard to tell a powerful story of your wedding.  

Three: Fine Art

Disclaimer: the fine art style is not for everyone. This style often leverages creative angles, heads out of the frame, images shot through a window or glass, etc... However, this is where a photographer can really become artistic to give you a unique set of photos that will offend some and impress others.  

Four: High Fashion 

I always say this style is all about the dress; the runway style wedding. The focus for this style is couture and the dramatics. This style has the most risk, however, the reward can be some very unique dramatic moments. 

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