How To Take Better Pictures Of Your Kids

We'd love to be the ones to take every photo of your children, but that's just not realistic. So we've prepared a simple guide to take some great pictures of your children; I doesn't matter if you're shooting with your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or Camera these tips will ensure you get the best shot possible, the one that'll get hundreds of likes on Facebook :-) 

One: Get On Their Level 

This tip is the first and most important tip of all. You could ignore all the other tips (we hope you don't) and have 100 times better shots if you just get on their level. This means you're going to have to lay on the ground, get on your knees; whatever it takes, just don't shoot down at them. 

Two: Fill The Frame, or Don't

Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with those beautiful kiddos. Try not to get too close where it distracts them from what they are doing if you're trying to capture a candid shot. But as a general guideline, fill those big beautiful heads in the entire frame. 

Or don't. I know, I know, I just said fill the frame; however, there is a time and place for shooting far away and emphasis and comparing them to their surroundings. Start with filling the frame, and the better your photos get, get more creative and try shooting from far. 

Three: Use Burst Mode

Pair this step with getting on their level and you'll instantly have pictures of your children that you'll be extremely proud to show the world. Most phones, and all cameras will have some form of burst mode. Children happen to be squirmy and unpredictable, burst mode will help you get those images that you'd never get through single shot mode. 

Four: Focus On Their Eyes

You know those big blue, black, brown, green that when you look into and you melt. We'll do that same thing behind your camera or phone. You'll create more interesting and striking pictures of your children no matter what you're shooting with. 

Five: Keep It Simple 

Costumes, and posing is a lot of fun; sometimes even for the children. Yes, the kiddos like to play dress up, but have you ever heard a kid say let's play dress up, then you can take my picture for 10 minutes to post of Facebook. Never. So try to capture those candid moments of your kids playing, and being natural. That's what we really want to remember right? 

We hope these tips are helpful and you're off taking some great photos of your children. 

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-Think Darryl Photography