The Parents Daily Download 4.21.15

Welcome to the parents daily download April 21th 2015. Today we'll be looking at articles that give great insight into how much sleep your kids are getting to some terrific exercises you can do with your children to help them become more mindful.  We love when you share your feedback and thoughts in the comments below. 

The Struggle To Reclaim Parenting

Fantastic and well written article on the struggle to reclaim parenting. This is a longer article, however, it's worth the time. Have you been questioning why "modern" parenting is so much different than parenting just 15 years ago? This is the article for you! 

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How Much Sleep Should Kids Really Get?

There are so many articles and research on this topic, we feel this is one of the better articles we've seen over the years. There's not a lot of daunting graphs, but some simple data on what's been researched and recommended for how much sleep your kids should get. 

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This might be the worst parenting advice of all time

How often do you see that as a title? Seems backwards to every other article on the internet today. This is a great article for both moms and dads that explores some common advise that may not be the best advice. This is a collection of the worst parenting advice ever! 

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10 Mindfulness Exercises to Do With Your Kids

Have you wanted to teach your kids how to be more mindful but struggle with some practical advice that's not absolutely insane? These 10 tips are fantastic everyday (easy) exercises you can do to help develop mindfulness in your kids. Tip 4 active listening is one of our favorites, and every child and person on this planet could benefit from. 

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