Killer Guide To Mastering iPhone Photography

The title says it all, most of us have a smart phone that is capable of taking truly incredible photos; the only thing standing between you and these incredible photos is you. Okay, don't get offended, I'm pretty sure you've taken some stellar photos, but this guide was created to take your photos to the next level. 

10 Quick Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your iPhone

This first article is our favorite, 10 quick tips that will elevate your pictures instantly. The article is from iphonephotography school and is top notch; what we specifically like about this article is the first tip: keep your photos simple. We're all guilty of complicating our photos, however, it's the simple ones, that generally turn out the best. This tip gives you permission to be creative and seek out simplicity. The article goes on exploring 10 tips with examples that'll leave you impressed with your first photo after reading these tips. 

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How to Create Bright and Sharp iPhone Photos  

This article from is absolutely perfect for taking dull photos and making them pop. Often we're so use to dull photos, we wouldn't know how to create a sharp, bright picture even if we tried our hardest. This article gives some very simple steps that you can take right now, that are perfectly simple that'll lead to some incredible photos, and make you a better photographer. 

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How to Use Your iPhone Like A Pro: Hardware Add-Ons

This article from Photography Tuts+ explores some basic hardware you can add on to your iPhone to help you take better photos. The article starts with exploring upgrading your lens to give you more flexibility and control over your photos. You'd be surprised the impact this can have when adding it to your iPhone. 

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