Denver Street Photography No. 3


Welcome to Denver street photography; a series from Think Darryl Photography. People have always inspired me; every morning I start my day off by exploring Denver often listening to some great jazz or plugged into the sounds of the city. Some people need coffee to start their day, I'd rather tap into the unlimited amount of energy from my surroundings. 

Today was tough, I had three scheduled shoots and I still needed to find time for the street photography series. I left one of my favorite jackets at the park from a shoot earlier in the day. A I was headed to the next shoot I told myself I would only be able to do one of two things: go back for my jacket, or take an hour to spend on the street photography series. I did the latter, and I am so glad I did. 

My mind was not where it needed to be I was very distracted and focusing on the next shoot I had that afternoon. I just happened to look down an alley off 15th between California and Stout. I saw a group of police surrounding a homeless man on a ledge. I usually don't go after drama or the police as I have so much respect for what they do every day. So I approached the situation very causiouly, and walked slowly towards the scene. As I got closer I heard laughing, which I though was strange from such a situation. 

I arrived at the scene and told them why I had my camera out and why I was taking pictures and they said that's great. They encouraged me to keep taking pictures. I snapped a few and listened to the conversation they were having with the homeless person. They were exchanging jokes, asking him about his day, and letting him tell them crazy stories about his life. 

I snapped a few more shots, shaked their hands and went on with my adventures. However, this situation really impacted me, those police men were having a very encouraging and positive conversation with someone living in an alley. Asking things like are you safe, can we help etc... We so often hear stories in the news about the protecting side of the police department. I had the opportunity to witness the serving side of the police department and it was absolutely beautiful. 

In this world of so much ugly it was so amazing to see first hand such a beautiful conversation.