Denver Street Photography No. 1


Welcome to the first edition of our new series: Denver Street Photography by Think Darryl Photography. People have always inspired me; every morning I start my day off by exploring Denver often listening to some great jazz or plugged into the sounds of the city. Some people need coffee to start their day, I'd rather tap into the unlimited amount of energy from my surroundings. 

I was sitting along 16th street in Downtown Denver in between Curtis and Champa. The "homeless vet" was sitting at the bench taking a break from what I'm sure was a long morning. I was sitting there for about 10 minutes thinking about getting up and finding a new place to blend in when the man in the black shirt brought two Big Gulps, sat down and began talking to the homeless vet. At first I thought maybe they knew each other, so I got up and walked across 16th street hoping to catch a sound bite from their conversation. I quickly concluded that this was their first interaction as the homeless vet was going on about stories from his past. 

I sat back down on the curb as people and the mall ride passed me by, I was snapping pictures of these two for at least 20 minutes when I decided it was time for me to move along. As I was getting my backpack off the ground the homeless vet also grabbed his bag and stood up. I quickly powered back on and captured the moment where the vet was shaking the stranger's hand and expressing his gratitude.

This was such a powerful interaction; I loved the simplicity of it all. A $0.89 Big Gulp from 7Eleven and good conversation. I don't know what motivated the man in black to do what he did, but he taught me a lesson: Make time for those whom may seem insignificant.